Strength and Honor is a clan focused on conducting ourselves in accordance with our name. Keeping in mind what the words strength and honor mean and reflecting it through our actions. SnH was forged from friendships and enjoys the camaraderie that comes from playing as a tight knit group of players with on heart beat. Every player in SnH is a good person first and a player second. By having teammates with good character and strong moral fiber, SnH is a mature and professional team not hampered by negative tendencies in other clans. Team members in SnH are also aware of the importance of friendships, and whats really important in life. As such, the business of pro gaming and desire to win will never come before a friendship in Strength and Honor. We are a competitive clan, but will wear smiles on our faces win or lose, remembering sportsmanship in all situations. We aim to lead by example and change the trend of what clans have become in the world of pro gaming.

                                      - Strength & Honor -


Call of Duty 4 [1.6] Server


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